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Partnering with Phoenix3 Holdings

We want to work with leaders who have a founder’s mindset – who live and breathe their company mission and values. These leaders are dissatisfied with doing things the way they’ve always been done, and have a vision for their company that encompasses changing a fundamental part of how we live our lives or do […]

Entrepreneurship Is DNA

What makes an entrepreneur successful? The multi million dollar question. In a marketplace where so many businesses fail, what traits drive success? And why do companies with solo founders do so much better – surviving longer, and generating more revenue, than their counterparts? Underneath the simple answers – vision, ambition, perseverance – lies the nuance that articulates how success is truly born.  “It’s […]

Introducing the Phoenix3 Holdings Team

I have been fortunate in assembling a team of top in class executives and experts with a wide range of skill sets. I plan to introduce you to each of our team members and talk more about our portfolio in the coming weeks here in the Founder’s Mindset. Our first introduction this week is a […]

Making Company Culture the DNA of Your Organization – A Founder’s Insight on Practical, Proven Strategies

I’ve always believed the way a company empowers people to make decisions that lead to success is to make company culture the number one priority. That’s easier said than done, of course. As a founder and CEO, especially when your company is experiencing rapid growth, you’re constantly refining your strategy for bringing culture to every […]