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Richard Schenkel

Founder, CEO and Managing Director

Richard Schenkel is a founder, a business builder, and industry disrupter with a passion for driving organizational growth and tapping into unseen potential. In 2001, he founded Unidine Corporation to be an insurgent in the market, the first company of its kind to provide strategic dining management services focused on culture, culinary and service.

In the years to follow, he built Unidine into a $700M+ sales revenue ($800M in managed volume) company with over 7,000 team members. Richard led Unidine through the full life cycle of business development from privately funded, to private equity, to capital group. When Compass Group, USA partnered to acquire Unidine, Richard delivered 9X multiple of invested capital (M.O.I.C) shareholder return from the transaction.
In 2021, he created Compass Community Living, the largest senior living and support service company in the USA and globally. He served as the Founder and CEO. Under Richard’s discerning leadership, Compass Community Living’s 15K+ employees provided hospitality and service excellence to more than 1400+ retirement communities, behavioral health facilities, and acute care hospitals across the US, delivering $1.3B in revenue. Richard’s business acumen is grounded in taking calculated risks while scaling effectively, nurturing strong company culture by aligning team members to a purpose-driven mission, and maximizing shareholder value.

Richard holds a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. Richard worked at the executive level for industry giants Aramark and Marriott Corporation where he gained valuable industry experience which effectively laid the groundwork for his future disruption of the industry.


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Richard Schenkel | A maverick in the food, dining and support services industry